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Aerosol cans:  If empty, put in with recycling.  If not empty, see your county’s Hazardous Waste days on this page.

Air conditioners:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Appliances:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Asbestos material: Waste Recovery does not accept asbestos material, friable or non-friable.  Contact the NYS DEC for further information or NYS Department of Labor at 793-2351 before any removal.

Batteries, car and motorcycleLead-acid batteries used in automobiles and motorcycles.  By law retailers must accept used lead-acid batteries from customers. Also accepted at Otsego Auto Crushers (432-2375) on Rt. 23 Southside in Oneonta.

Batteries, household:  Most of the newer alkaline batteries are now manufactured with “no mercury added” are not considered hazardous waste and may be disposed of in the normal household trash.  These are regular household batteries used in flashlights, smoke detectors, clocks, etc.  Also considered safe for municipal disposal are CR Lithium batteries (“button cell” used in most new calculators and watches, PDA’s, digital cameras and hearing aids) and Carbon zinc batteries (remote controls, toys, transistor radios).

Batteries, other:  For other batteries such as mercuric (some old watch and calculator batteries), Lithium-Ion (rechargeable mobile phones, laptops), silver oxide (some old watch batteries), nickel-cadmium (portable telephones, razors, electric drills and power tools), lead-acid (burglar alarms, computer power supplies as sources of uninterrupted power during blackouts, and emergency lighting units) and nickel metal hydride (NiMH rechargeable batteries) it's best to err on the side of caution and take them to your county’s Hazardous Waste days.

Computer monitors, CPU’s and printers:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Construction & Demolition Debris:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Buckets, plastic:  Regular trash

Driveway sealer cans/containers:  Empty or hardened driveway sealer container may be disposed of at our transfer station for a fee.  If you need to dispose of liquid driveway sealer please see your county’s Hazardous Waste information on this page.

Electronics, miscellaneous:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Explosives:  Contact your local police department.

Flower pots, plastic planter & trays:  Regular trash

Fluorescent bulbs:  It is legal for homeowners to dispose of fluorescent bulbs with their household trash. However, due to the mercury in these bulbs, we encourage homeowners to save them and deliver them at your county’s Hazardous Waste days (see information on this page). 

Foam, foam board, packing peanuts (polystyrene):  Not recyclable.  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Garbage cans:  Plastic cans are regular trash.  Metal cans may be brought into our transfer station for a fee.

Mattresses:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee

Medical sharps, needles and syringesWe recommend that needles and syringes be brought to your local hospital out-patient lab.  However, they may be set out or brought in with regular trash. Snap off the needle and break the syringe tube to prevent second-hand use. Place used needles and syringes in a puncture resistant container. We recommend a large laundry detergent bottle. When the bottle is full, screw the lid on tight and tape the lid shut with duct tape or packing tape. Container must be clearly marked with  “SHARPS” or “NEEDLES”.  Set out next to your curbside trash.  DO NOT PLACE WITH OR NEAR RECYCLABLES.  If coming into our transfer station, bring into office on your way in.

Metal:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Motor oil:  As required by State law, used motor oil must be accepted free of charge at businesses that service motor vehicles and sell more than 500 gallons of oil per year, and the retailers that don’t service vehicles but sell more than 1,000 gallons annually. It is limited to 5 gallons/person each day. Some of these places use the old oil as a heating fuel and may take even more.

Paint cans:  Can go in regular trash if lid is removed and paint is dried completely.  If paint is still in liquid form see Hazardous Waste disposal for your county on this page.

Propane cylinders 20 lbs. or smaller.:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Railroad ties:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Roofing material, shingles:  Accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Smoke detectors:  Wrap in newspaper, double bag and place in regular trash.

Telephones and answering machines:  Regular trash

Televisions:  We accept at our transfer station for a fee

Tires:  We accept a limited number of car or pickup truck tires, on or off the rims, at our transfer station for a fee.

Toys, plastic:  Small toys are regular trash.  Large plastic toys may be brought into our transfer station for a fee.

Vacuum cleaners:  We accept at our transfer station for a fee.

Yard Waste:  We accept brush for permitted Village of Sidney residents (obtain permit at WRE or Village Office – must show proof of residency).  We do not accept grass clippings.  Other brush, limbs or Christmas trees are accepted at our transfer station for a fee.

Some of the following items may be accepted as Hazardous Waste in your county.  See contact information for your county below:

Oil based and latex paints
• Paint thinners
• Chemistry sets
• Cleaning solvents & degreasers
• Drain cleaners
• Fertilizers
• Furniture stripper
• Gas
• Herbicides, insecticides and pesticides
• Kerosene
• Oven cleaners
• Photographic chemicals
• Polishes
• Pool chemicals
• Rust preventatives and removers
• Cooking oil/grease from deep fryers
• Antifreeze
• Motor oil
• Oil filters

Otsego County 2015 Hazardous Waste Days

The next household hazardous waste collection event is scheduled for Saturday, September 12th in Cooperstown at the Otsego County Meadows Office Complex, 8:00am - 1:00pm.  

Small Business collection
will be on Friday, September 11th, 2:00pm - 4:00pm at the same site.
A special Substation for household hazardous waste will be set up in Unadilla on Friday, September 11th at Unadilla Town Barns, 8:00am - 11:00am. 

Pre-Registration Required by phone 607-547-4228 or online at www.hhw2014.evenbrite.com

Chenango County Hazardous Waste Collection – This event was last held in September of 2013. We are told by Chenango County Solid Waste Department that Hazardous Waste Collection is only scheduled every other year so it should be coming up in 2015.

For other information you may call 607-337-1790 and ask them if this is still operating in 2014:

Open from May 1st through
September 30th at the North Norwich Transfer Station on NYS Route 12:
Tue - Fri 8:00am - 3:30pm CLOSED MONDAYS and SATURDAYS

Delaware County CLEAN SWEEP DAYS
Saturday, September 19th
Friday, September 18th

Pre-registration is required and must be done from September 1st through the 11th only.  Register by phone 607-865-6474 or email CleanSweepDelaware@gmail.com.